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Principal Investigator

Asst. Professor, Bioengineering, Rice University, x=jszab



B.Sc. Biological Engineering, MIT
Ph.D. Bioengineering, Dervan lab, Caltech,

Postdoc, Chemical Engineering, Shapiro lab, Caltech,

Awards: DP2, Packard Fellowship, DARPA YFA, NIH NIBIB Trailblazer, NARSAD Young Investigator; Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award (Rice University), iGEM 3rd place worldwide (Synthetic Standard Prize, Best new application, Best measurement); BMES/J&J Prize for excellence in biomedical research; Bauer fellowship; Physics Olympiad finalist

Jerzy Szablowski, Ph.D. [CV]


Postdoctoral fellows

Zhimin Huang_Headshot (1).jpg

Zhimin Huang, Ph.D.


Ph.D. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2015), x=zh34


Sho Watanabe, Ph.D.


Ph.D. University of Tokyo (2023), x=ws57

Research staff


Zachary Lane, Ph.D.

Bioengineering, Research Technician, x=zl155


Yerim Kim, M.Sc.

Bioengineering, Research Technician, x=yk75

Graduate students

Boao Xia, M.Sc..

Bioengineering, Ph.D. student, x=bx8

Manwal Harb, B.Sc.

Bioengineering, Ph.D. student

NSF GRFP fellow (2021); NSF NRT Bioelectronics Fellow

NIH BRAIN Initiative Trainee Highlight Award (2021), x=mmh10

Joon Pyung Seo B.Sc.

Applied Physics, Ph.D. student, x=js164


Sin Lee, B.Sc.

Bioengineering, Ph.D. student

NIH BRAIN Initiative Trainee Highlight Award (2023), x=sl120

Buitrago - 2021 headshot.jpeg

Nicolas Buitrago, B.Sc.

Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology (SSPB), Ph.D. student

NSF NRT Bioelectronics Fellow, x=nsb5

Wen - 2021 headshot.jpeg

Ruoxin Wen, B.Sc.

Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology (SSPB), Ph.D. student, x=rw43


Shirin Nouraein, M.Sc.

Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology (SSPB), Ph.D. student, x=sn54

Schuyler Link Photo.jpg

Schuyler Link, B.Sc.

BCM/Rice University Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), MD/Ph.D. student, x=sl210

Undergraduate students

Kara Fan




Ryan Wang

Neuroscience and Computer Science undergraduate

Sigma-Xi Grant in the aid of research awardee (2022)

Goldwater Scholar (2023)


Oriana Tang



Alumni (last seen)

Andrei Mitrofan (UG researcher, B.Sc. 2023, 8fold Mfg)

James S. Trippett (M.Sc., 2022; Research Tech 2022-2023; McGovern School of Medicine)

Huckie Del Mundo, M.D. (M.Sc. 2021; Research Scientist, Biolife4D)

Mina Ghayour (UG researcher, now Bioengineering, Rice University) 

Joycelyn Yiu, (UG researcher, now Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Munich, DE) 

Vishnu Rangachari, B.Sc. (M.Sc. student, Rice Bioengineering)

Kevin Gonzalez, (M.Sc., 2021, Tecnologico De Monterrey, Adjunct Professor) 

Cooper Lueck, B.Sc. (Texas A&M School of Medicine; ENMED program)

James Kwon, M.Sc. (Texas A&M School of Medicine)

Paula Gonzalez (Wellesley College)

Richard Gao (Rice University)

Joseph Pham (Rice University)

Clark Horak (HCCC, LSAMP)

Yuna Choi (Rice University)

Vidal Saenz (Rice University)

Olivia Kemper (Rice University)


We are recruiting research scientists, graduate students, postdocs, and technicians. Write me an email if you are interested in joining the group or doing a research rotation.

In particular, we are now looking for people with experience in: protein engineering, neuroscience, in vivo work, and ultrasound device development, but willingness to learn new things is the most important.

See possible research projects, and contact information.

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