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Noninvasive monitoring of brain activity

The brain is complicated, with more neuronal connections than atoms in the universe. However, we are currently trying to understand the brain by recording its activity with few signals at a time.

In this high-impact research project we are developing methods to noninvasively record activity of large numbers of brain circuits at once with molecular precision.



Lee, S., Nouraein, S., Kwon, J. J., Huang, Z., Wojick, J. A., Xia, B., Corder G., Szablowski, J. O. (2024). Engineered serum markers for non-invasive monitoring of gene expression in the brain. Nature Biotechnology. doi:10.1038/s41587-023-02087-x

Seo JP, Trippett JS, Huang Z, Wang R, Lee S, Szablowski JO*, Acoustically-Targeted Measurement of Transgene Expression in the Brain,  bioRxiv 2023.05.23.541868; doi: ​


The work is supported by:

NIH DP2 and NIBIB Trailblazer

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