MRI-compatible mouse carriage, set of earbars, holder for a bruker surface coil, and a targeting guide. Compatible with Image Guided Therapy FUS system. [STL file]

Adapter for an attachment of FUS-transducer from Image Guided Therapy to a stereotax holder with a standard electrode carrier (Kopf #1770). Includes a calibration guide for use with MRI-guidance using mouse carriage model. [STL file]

Adapter for an attachment of a FUS transducer to a MRI-compatible motors from Image Guided Therapy. This model shows a reduced wear and greater stability, but will require a good quality 3D printer to work properly. [STL file]

Transducer holder for Image Guided Therapy LabFus, the 3 axis step-motor targeting system. This model has an improved mechanical stability over the stock version. [designed by John Heath, Caltech, 2018, STL file]

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